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Our Story

I'm Willem van der Kooi and I live in Ontario Canada with my family. We  emigrated from the Netherlands in 1998 to fulfill our dream of owning our own dairy farm in Moorefield, Ontario.

We  have been very successful.  

In 2015 we were awarded the 10th place  ranking of all the dairy farms across Canada for the highest score in Herd Management. 

In 1990, my Dad bought a few Friesian horses and started driving and developing his own broodmare line. We loved them and had them on our farm in the Netherlands.

In 2015, I followed my own Friesian passion and bought my own Marathon carriage and harness and started driving our mares. 

After buying some horses from Europe and having to pay high quarantine fees, we started our own quarantine facility to help fellow horse people import their dream horses. 

Our horse business  naturally expanded into importing driving tack, harnesses and driving  carriages. We import direct and try to supply the people who love to  drive with the high quality equipment and tools they need.

As a result of expanding my horse businesses, I travel a lot to Holland.
Our  experience with the Friesian, during the hot, dry summers, has been that they have a tendency to turn brown and their coats, manes and tails  become dull, dry, and brittle.  As a result of this type of weather,  their skin gets dry, sensitive and becomes itchy.

I needed to find a product that would retain the horses’ natural coat and mane and tail color, and prevent sun bleaching as well as  making their manes and tails healthier and fuller.  A product that could  do this would be an awesome tool!

My past  experience, and that of my clients, has been less than acceptable when using commonly available horse hair sprays that contain silicone or other unnatural ingredient.  

These inadequate products were of no  benefit to my horses’ skin or hair.  I was looking for an answer to my  dilemma.

In my conversations with my clients  and other horseman, we found these skin and hair issues are a real and  serious concern for all horse breeds.  So we started working on finding a  line of products that would resolve all these horses’ skin and hair  issues.

On one trip to Holland we came across a  shampoo line that had the reputation for helping with the skin and hair  issues that my clients and I have been dealing with.  

As a result, we  luckily found Nice Horses Professional Hair and Skin Care Products.

We are now the sole distributor for the Nice Horses Professional Horse Care Products.

The  Shampoos not only clean but also nurture, moisturize, hydrate,  condition, and protect the skin; they protect, permeate, feed, and  strengthen the hair shaft with essential botanical and science-based  ingredients.  Nice Horses Products have proven to be the best hair and  skin conditioners for horses that we have been able to find.

The  Nice Horses products are packed full of beneficial ingredients so they  are more economical.  You'll need less to get a better effect than other  products on the market.

Mok or Scratches Creame – a Specific Skin Care Product

As a bonus – The Nice Horses Professional Horse Care company has a unique product  that they manufacture specifically designed to address stressed,  irritated, chaffed skin conditions such as mud fever or scratches – and  other skin conditions that result in the skin being damaged from fungus,  bacteria, and/or by being wet for extended periods of time.

Up until now, these European – Nice Horses products could not be found in North America.
When  other horsemen expressed to us that they couldn’t find the products  they needed to help their horse; that made us think ‘We need to bring  these products to North America’.

Nice Horses Products

Nice  Horses Professional Horse Care Products have a specialized, researched,  meticulous list of ingredients combined to achieve the outstanding  results for your horses’ skin and hair issues and general well being and  maintenance.

We are proud to announce that we  have secured the sole distributorship of Nice Horses Professional Horse  Care Products for North America.  I wanted to offer horsemen the  benefits of an equine skin and hair care product line like none other  available in North America.

Thank you for your  interest in Nice Horses Professional Horse Care products.  We are  extremely confident you will be happy with the results.

 We have many professional  horsemen, including Olympic riders and well known and respected  professional horsemen who love Nice Horses products, wouldn’t be without  them and highly recommend them.

Don’t miss our  other products – Our driving carriages and our driving harnesses, horse  tack and always expanding line of horse equipment.

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